Jean Christophe B – Tenant on the Upper West Side

When you first arrive in New York City, finding an apartment is this first, very big step, which can rapidly become your nightmare, but that you definitely don’t want to mess up. In the jungle of NYC brokers, I had the chance to be introduced to Aurelien by a friend of mine. I was not an easy customer: tight schedule (must find, sign and move in the apartment in less than a month), clear budget constraints, stringent quality standards for the real estate. Still, Aurelien started looking for my dream apartment.

He first asked me questions about my former home as he wanted to understand which NYC area really fitted my personality. The rest was all about Aurelien’s reactivity and ability to find these rare apartments that check all your boxes.

I had my first contacts with Aurelien on Monday, first showings (4 units) the day after, two new visits on Wednesday and Friday (Thursday was Thanksgiving). Each new visit accompanied by a tour of the nearby blocks to discover the neighborhood, closer and closer fit with my dream apartment and, to my standards, increasing value for money. On the fifth day of the week, we found the apartment and prepare the paperwork to file the next day.

But Aurelien’s work did not stop at this point. He helped me to understand and prepare the paperwork, negotiated a discount on the rent (thanks again for that) and came with me for the signing of the lease, making sure everything got smooth and anticipating any problem for my moving into my new apartment.

In a nutshell, he did a wonderful work, making the anticipated nightmare of finding an apartment in NYC something actually fun.

I rapidly knew I could trust him to strike the best deal and never had the feeling he was pursuing any other interest than mine.

Jean Christophe