Vanya P – Tenant in Greenwich Village

I got introduced to Aurelien Millecamps by a friend after having seen about 100 apartments with at least 10 different brokers. The day we met, I immediately knew I had met one of the few brokers in the city that you can actually trust and rely on.

Thanks to him, I finally found my apartment in just 1 week!  Finding the perfect fit for his customers is what drives Aurelien. It really shows that he’s in the business because he feels passionate about it. You will rarely find a broker who tells his customers “no, I don’t think this apartment is good for you”. He was great at always steering me in the right direction.

He has a keen eye and knows the market well. He understands that a happy customer is a customer that will come back.  Honestly, he is the only “real” person I met in this business and subsequently have since actually became friends.


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