Romain L – Buyer in West Harlem

We got introduced to Aurelien Millecamps by his former Broker Manager Michel Madie who happened to be the Uncle of one of our good friends.

Aurelien did make a good selection of apartments that could be potential targets for my wife and I. He did focus on West Harlem because of our budget constraints since we wanted to stay in the island of Manhattan.

The 1st place my wife actually visited is the one we did purchase which is pretty amazing.

I personally didn’t know this area of NYC but we got used to it quite quickly because of Aurelian’s good advice.The process was quite smooth and Aurelian was always taking care of all questions/concerns we had.

We have been living in this new place for almost 6 months now and are very happy with this change because in part to Aurelian’s good eye!

On top of this, the property already appreciated significantly if we think of the prices at which similar size apartments sold at in our building recently.


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