Michele D – Buyer in Chelsea

As you can imagine looking to purchase a property in NYC is unlike anywhere else in the US. During my 6 month process I learned the importance of working with realtor that is savvy, aware of every little detail in the building (pros and cons), briefs the concept of a coop and exactly what you may be getting yourself into.

I stumbled across Aurelien Millecamps in my search and I can tell you he is a true real estate professional who is polite, respectful and knows all the little details that you want to know about the building. He is VERY patient, easy to talk to and the most transparent realtor I have come across.   This is my 3rd property and my first in NYC.  As you can imagine, a first time buyer in NYC is a whole new ballgame.

The market place in NYC is known to eat their young or inexperienced and the one thing you do not want is to come across a professional that is more worried about their commission than your best interest. Aurelien walked me through all the in’s and out’s of NYC, spent countless hours with me and preparing my board package.

I was lucky enough to get into a property that hadn’t even hit the market yet, due to his savvy searching and understanding my likes.  With that said, I got a deal on my place.  Unfortunately for the sellers they needed to unload quickly and Aurelien understood that this would be a deal of a lifetime for me.  He quickly scheduled the appointment and within a day we were in a contract, closing in record history for coop standards.  I was in my new place within 2 months.

He was at my signing and mind you the only broker at the signing.  When I needed him was available to answer all my questions and was professional at every occasion. I would highly recommend Aurelien and if I am to purchase again, he is my go to guy!

Everyone knows a GUY in NYC and I got a guy for you.


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