Caroline / Baudouin – Buyers in Greenpoint

When we decided to throw ourselves into this new adventure, despite of all the excitement around finding a new place to live, as foreigners in, we were dreading to get lost in the real estate labyrinth. But Aurelien Millecamps was truly a good, honest, trustable guide, in every step of the process. We would not have dreamed of a better guide in fact.

Aurélien was reassuring not only by his knowledge but also by his professionalism. He is serious, honest and we could really rely on him on every aspect of the process : giving precious advice, getting bargains, representing us on all levels, from the first steps into the apartment to the lawyers’s office for the big closing day. We are so happy in our new place and feel we did a good investment, we feel to be part of something in this vibrant neighborhood but most of all we feel now Home.

Caroline & Baudouin

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