“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.”

Honest, Serious, Patient, Reliable, and Delightful: these are all how his clients describe him and their experience working with him.

Aurelien is a man of taste, who is passionate about beautiful things and sharing them. Throughout his modeling career, he interacted with highly creative people and experienced life in mind-blowing places.

Paris, Milan, Sydney, Cape Town and London are a few of the cities that have shaped his view on what beauty means and what a “home” should feel like.

Aurelien also cultivates personal and professional projects that appeal to his sense of aesthetics in photography, music and interior design. He is a hard worker, always willing to go the extra mile. An accomplished tennis and soccer player, he lives by the principle of finding balance between discipline and creativity.

Aurelien has strong social skills and a natural capability to adapt to various environments and create networks. Straightforward and open-minded, he prides himself on his ability to listen to his clients so as to get insight into their needs and desires and offer them custom-made solutions.

He is an expert in both Brooklyn and Manhattan markets and is always honored to be chosen to help new clients.